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Gero Health is spin-off from Gero — a longevity biotech focused on developing therapies that will extend healthy human life.

In order to act on aging therapeutically we need to know how to measure it. This lead us to development a non-invasive tool of assessment of aging and health risks using spectral properties of motion data from smartphones and other wearables. We can estimate personal life expectancy and health risks of anyone using a phone or wearable (billions of people as of today).

Our technology, along with smart contracts, enables the transition to outcome based models of health and wellness delivery, where result of transaction involves validated health outcome. It also enables transition of loosely executed wellness markets to evidence-based crowdsourced model.

Gero Platform
A platform of financial of guarantees for the efficacy of goods & services that protect health and promote healthspan.
The primary aim of the Gero Health is to provide financial guarantees for the efficacy of wellness services under Health Smart Contracts. This type of platform provides the opportunity to refocus market demand for goods and services promoting healthspan extension, by increasing the responsibilities of vendors.

Particularly, such positioning allows improving the penetration of goods and services into the burgeoning, multi-billion dollar market of corporate wellness and insurance.

A Health Smart Contract regulates possible transactions between the wallets of counterparties and the situations which trigger scenarios using health metrics. These metrics are considered as the success criteria for executing smart contracts. These metrics include both non-invasive (physical activity, pulse, etc.) and invasive (lab blood tests, etc.) tests.
Science behind the project
We have successfully conducted a unique study to define the biomarkers of age based on a medical data of 100 000 people from UK BioBank and published our results here.
Try our technology
Gero App is for people who want to understand how different habits affect their body.
Using machine learning and science, our team have developed a way to connect lifestyle with life expectancy through motion activity.

Gero Lifespan
Gero App is for people who want to understand how different habits affect their body.
Using the data of over 100,000 people, machine learning, and science, our researchers have developed a way to connect lifestyle with life expectancy through motion activity. We can use your Fitbit motion data or just the data from Apple Health App.

Meet our founders
We have a team of 18 people including 5 PhD with a mix of backgrounds from physics, drug development, medicine and computer scientists
Nikolay Kovtunenko
Chief Executive Officer
Sergey Filonov
Chief Visionary Officer
Peter Fedichev
PhD, Chief Science Officer
Maxim Kholin
Business Development
Vladimir Nesteruk
Business Strategy
Dmitriy Shulzenko
Corporate governance
Our advisors
Brian K. Kennedy
PhD, Professor
Director of Centre for Healthy Ageing at National University of Singapore; ex-CEO Buck Institute; co-Editor-in Chief of Aging Cell.
Aubrey de Grey
Chief Science Officer
of the SENS Research Foundation.
Andrey Gudkov
PhD, DSci
Senior Vice President
at Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Chief Scientific Officer
and Founder at Everon Biosciences.
Kristina Khodova
MD, PhD; Chief Medical Officer
MD (Hematology Research Center, Moscow, Russia)
PhD in Genetics
Our partners
If you are interested in becoming a partner, please feel free to write us.

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